May 9, 2013

Top 4 Sexiest Celebrity Homes

Celebrities have the kind of cash needed to build or buy some of the world's sexiest homes. You might never have enough money to buy one of these houses, but you can still take inspiration from them. Here are 4 of the coolest, sexiest homesteads owned by Hollywood's crème de la crème.

4. Jennifer Aniston's Bel Air Mansion

Image via Flickr by shahanaj27
Value: $21 million
Sexiest feature: Multiple fireplaces
If anyone deserves to live in a sexy house, it's Jennifer Aniston. Anniston purchased an 8,500-square-foot mansion in Bel Air a couple of years ago. Some people think it looks too much like an art museum to qualify as sexy. They obviously haven't thought about how hot those multiple fireplaces can turn an otherwise chilly environment.
Plus, it has a wonderful dining room that gives guests plenty of room without making them feel like they're sitting in the middle of a dank castle. That alone is sexy enough to qualify for this list.

3. Sarah Jessica Parker's Five-Story Townhouse

Value: $18.9 million
Sexiest feature: Fifth-story library
Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick own more than one townhouse in New York City. A five-story Greek Revival townhouse located in Greenwich Village, however, has become one of their sexiest acquirements.
This townhouse has plenty of amazing features that could inspire you to make your home a little nicer. The tiered garden out back, for instance, would immediately send you running to the closest home-improvement store to buy plants and potting soil.
The sexiest feature, though, is the library on the fifth floor. Whether you love reading or just basking in natural light, it looks like a great place to spend time. Besides, didn't someone once say that intelligence is sexy?

2. Oprah Winfrey's Home in Montecito

Value: $85-90 million
Sexiest feature: A garden with 600 rose bushes
Oprah owns more homes than your block has houses. Her eye-popping property in Montecito, Calif., however, is the one that seems to garner the most attention and admiration.
The 23,000-square-foot house has everything you could possibly want, including:
  • A man-made lake
  • Six bedrooms
  • 10 full-sized fireplaces
  • 14 bathrooms
A flooring company like Prosource Flooring in San Diego
 must have had a wicked time finding enough material in the world for all that space. The bathrooms alone must have cost thousands to tile!

1. Bill Gates's Home Outside of Seattle

Value: $147.5 million
Sexiest feature: Electronics
Movie stars and musicians might think they have a lot of money, but they're all paupers compared to Bill Gates, whose home outside of Seattle, WA is worth an estimated $147.5 million.
Nicknamed Xanadu 2.0, the sprawling estate has some of the coolest features you'll find anywhere. Nearly every room has a touchscreen that lets you (well, not you, because you're not invited) control everything from temperature to TVs.
Don't think of the mansion as something from the future, though. It actually has a traditional style with many classic accents. The gigantic library, for instance, has a dome that lets natural light pour into the room.
What are some other amazing celebrity homes that you've seen? And what elements would you most like to add to your home?

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