February 3, 2013

Give The Gift Of Taste This Valentine's Day with Pam From Tastefully Simple

Name:  Pam Buckhalter
Email:   SimplyYummyTreats@gmail.com
Website:  www.TastefullySimple.com/web/PBuckhalter
Social Media Links:  www.facebook.com/SimplyYummyTreats

Product Info: 

Our signature bread mix is so simple to make - no kneading, no rising time, nothing to add but beer or any carbonated beverage. Everyone's favorite beer bread now comes in a 3-pack. A great savings!

Ingredients Needed:
  • 12 oz. beverage (beer, soda or carbonated juice)
  • 3 Tbsp. melted butter (optional)
3 - 19 oz. packs (57 oz.) 3 lbs. 9 oz. (1.6kg)

Valentines Specials:
   1/2 price shipping with order of $50 or more, Free shipping with $100 or more.  Orders placed before 2/13/13 will go into a drawing for free drink bucket

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