June 2, 2014

How the World Cup can benefit your child

As its name suggests, the World Cup, is very much the world’s game. There are over 250million football players in over 200 countries, making the sport the most popular in the world. Come June 12 expect most of the world’s glaze to be aimed at Brazil.
You yourself may not be the biggest fan of football but the World Cup itself can be hugely beneficial for your child.
By following a team your child will more often than not be using the internet to find out the latest team news. Due to this vested interest, your child will actively participate in reading as the news is very important to any football fans. Sites such as http://www.bet365.com/news/en/betting have stadium guides and team profiles, all of which your child would enjoy reading. Getting your child to read is no easy matter in the 21st Century, but the World Cup can actually give your child a subconscious prod in the right direction. Any form of reading for your child is a good thing and the World Cup certainly helps to nurture that.
Continuing along the vested interest line, you’ll child will also be gaining a useful insight into the world of geography. By the end of the competition they will probably be able to tell which flag belongs to which country, as well which continent each country is from, and with 12 stadiums being used in Brazil they should end up with a decent knowledge of the 5th largest country in the world. With your child be introduced to more and more countries they are more than likely to go away and research these new countries that they have been introduced to. The commentary team also provides golden nuggets of information for your child to absorb.
It may sound trivial but buying your child a World Cup sticker album can be hugely beneficial in teaching them life skills. One, it is their book so it is their responsibility, luckily World Cup sticker albums are sacred to any who has ever owned one, so expect your child to cherish their album. There is also a commerce element to sticker books, you need to swap with others to acquire the stickers you need. But like any products there are differing values, for example two normal stickers may equate to a shiny. So this sticker marketplace is teaching your child to barter and effectively do a very primitive cost-benefit-analysis. It is amazing to think that a sticker book can actually give your child their first taste of entrepreneurship.
And then obviously you have the sport itself. With your children watching copious amounts of football, they should develop an interest in the game and may want to actively participate in the future. Joining a football team obviously has its numerous health perks but it also there is also a social aspect to it as well.

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Sporting Summer

We are in for an absolute bumper summer of sport which you and all your family can enjoy and hopefully participate it. For some, sports can be arduous, but with the feel-good nature that the World Cup, Commonwealth Games and Wimbledon bring, it is extremely easy to find yourself absorbed. What’s more, the fact that increased exposure to sports, as we will witness this summer, should encourage your child to take up a sport, and the benefits of that are endless. So what’s on this summer?

Britain came to a standstill last year when homeboy Andy Murray became the first Brit to win Wimbledon since the late great Fred Perry, in 1936. Bookmakers Betfair are tipping the wily Scot to win the competition for the second time running.  The annual tournament is the most prestigious in the tennis world and in the past has given us some truly memorable moments, such as John Isner and Nicolas Mahut’s 11 hour match, which took two days to complete, or wildcard entrant Goran Ivanisevic’s Wimbledon win back in 2001. The competition gets underway on June 23 and it promises to be as exciting as ever.

World Cup
The world’s gaze will be well and truly on Brazil come June 12, when the World Cup gets underway. Hosts, and Betfair’s favourites, Brazil will be hoping to win a sixth World Cup but opposition Argentina, Spain, Germany and Colombia are all too being fancied by Betfair. The 2010 competition was watched by over a billion people, viewing figures are expected to be even higher this time around. Football is very much the world sport so expect nearly every corner of the globe to be showing the games. You yourself may not like football but on the plus side, it should keep your child occupied for a month, making it the ultimate in-house nanny.

The Open
Like Wimbledon, The Open is the oldest and most prestigious tournament in the world of golf. One of the four Majors, and the only played outside of America. The Open is definitely the pinnacle of golf. Throughout the years it has given us some extraordinary moments, especially last year when Phil Mickelson overtook eight players on the final day to claim the historic Claret Jug. This time around see’s perennial favourite Tiger Woods again favoured by Betfair but Rory McIlroy, Adam Scott and defending champion Mickelson are all tipped as well.

Commonwealth Games
London 2012 was arguably the greatest Olympics we have ever witnessed. The event was grandeur personified and enthralling from start to finish, the Commonwealth Games should be an exact replica. With the 70 nations, and 261 events, we should see the intense rivalry between the Home Nations, as well as England vs. Australia, and of course Usain Bolt and Jamaica breaking all sorts of records. Too often overlooked, the Commonwealth Games make for absolutely brilliant viewing and once the action gets underway in Glasgow on July 23 make sure to watch it.

The sport on offer this summer is simply phenomenal, in fact there is plenty more on offer that just the four events aforementioned. Never has there been a better opportunity to get your child engaged in sport, simply watch any of these events and you should being lighting the sporting fuse inside your child.

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May 15, 2014

Shopping For Teens

Having a daughter that is getting ready to turn 16 this month is overwhelming as a mother. One of the hardest things I have had to face raising a girl is shopping for her. With fashion changing all the time it’s hard to keep up on what she will like from one day to the next.
One thing I can always count on is that rue21 has such a wide variety of things to choose from for teens that it makes shopping for her a little easier. My daughter is the type who likes to be comfortable. She is always wanting some kind of “comfy clothes” as she calls them.
Jogger pants are always a big hit with my teenage daughter. She never complains about style or anything when I buy them for her which makes it easier to help her keep up with the latest fashion. The good thing about that is she can always either dress them up or wear them casual and anywhere. She can wear them around the house, to school or even just for a day out with her friends.
Another thing my daughter loves is tribal leggings. These are a big hit with all the girls at school so it helps her to be able to stay in style and not have to worry about who will say anything. I know as a teenager it is hard to dress to impress and even though I have always taught her to be herself, sometimes that is not so easy in high school.
Fashion is a big thing these days especially for teenage girls and one thing I love about shopping at rue21 is that I can sit her down in front of the computer, let her pick her own items and style and I won’t have to worry about whether she is going to complain about what I bought her or not because she is able to pick them out herself. This is a big plus in the teen world today because then she can feel great about herself at school and anywhere.

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